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Dynalog, Inc.

The CompuGauge robot measurement and analysis system is a tool for both robot manufacturers and their customers to measure, visualize, and analyse the static and dynamic performance of their robots. The CompuGauge system achieves extraordinary positional accuracy while maintaining the portability and afforability that today's manufacturiing environment requires.

The CompuGauge system consists of three modules (1) The On-line Measurement module, (2) the Off-line Viewing module, and (3) the Analysis module. The On-line Meausrement module allows the operator to manually or automatically record the robot's x,y,z position statically as well as dynamically. The Off-line Viewing module offers the ability to visuall inspect the recorded robot positions and paths, and the Analysis module contains a series of tests which can be performed on the recorded data to verify accuracy, repeatability, cornering warm-up drift, etc. These tests include both internationally recognized standards: ISO 8283 and ANSI /RIA R15.05-1/2.



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