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EPSON RC620+ Industry Leading PC Based Controller

EPSON Robots

As the industry leader in PC based controls for Industrial robots, the new RC620+ is EPSON’s 4th generation open architecture PC based workcell controller. With over 10 years of PC based controller experience, EPSON has combined industry leading PC based controls with superior real time motion and I/O control to provide advanced motion control and open architecture expandability all from the same controller. The powerful RC620+ is capable of controlling up to 4 SCARA robots, 3 Six Axis robots or 2 SCARA and 2 Six Axis Robots... Up to 20 axes total...ALL FROM ONE CONTROLLER. The high performance RC620+ controller uses Microsoft Windows XPTM operating system and comes standard with a 2 GHz Intel® CoreTM Duo processor, 1GB of memory, a built-in Ethernet port, standard 120GB hard drive (or optional solid state drive), and much much more. 3 PCI slots are available for options such as Vision Systems, Fieldbus masters or third party plug-in cards to expand the RC620+ controller as needed for particular applications. The RC620+ runs a separate CPU dedicated to motion control and real time options including additional I/O, conveyor tracking, expansion I/O and all Fieldbus slave options. This gives users the best of both worlds with the open architecture, ease of use and expandability of Microsoft Windows while also providing real time performance for time critical components such as motion and I/O control. The EPSON RC620+ adds to EPSON’s initiative of providing our customers more Power of Choice than ever before. It is the controller of choice for those applications that require a powerful open architecture solution for system expansion and advanced motion and I/O control for high performance applications.

Model: RC620+ Controller



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