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EPSON RS Series (Unique SCARA Design)

EPSON Robots

The EPSON RS robots are a unique new SCARA design built to reduce cycle times and maximize work envelope usage. By designing the arm so that Joint 2 can go under Joint 1, the RS3 utilizes the entire workspace underneath the arm. There is no dead space as with other SCARA models. This allows the RS3-351 model to work on pallets as large as 494mm x 494mm. (A size which normally requires a 700mm SCARA arm or larger.) Imagine now being able to use a 350mm arm for many of your applications that used to require 700mm arms. That would add up to quite a savings in terms of factory space. On top of that, the RS's unique design improves cycle time vs. other "old" SCARA designs. The RS can move straight through the dead space to get to points vs. having to go around. This can reduce cycle time tremendously for many applications. Some as much as 20 or 25%. The EPSON RS3 SCARA robots lead the industry with best in class cycle time and "zero dead space" motion range. With faster cycle times and tiny footprints, our RS3 SCARA robots are an ideal alternative for cartesian or gantry style robots in many factories today.

Model: RS3 SCARA



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