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Acieta, LLC

A Headstock/Tailstock with a robotic welder is the safest, most efficient method to rotate a part. It is designed for the accuracy and repeatability required for predictable results in Robotic Arc Welding Cells.


  • Adaptable to longer structures
  • Multiple positions
  • Continuous 360 degrees amp rotary ground
  • Robot/positioner coordinated motion


  • 4 to 8 position indexers available
  • Position accuracy of +/-5.00 x 10 -4 inches/inches of radius
  • Load capacity of 2,000 lbs. @ 6" off of center
  • Continuous turn solutions can be supplied through the use of a castor or ET Automation-supplied servo motor directly coupled to the harmonic drive
  • Redundant braking for repeatable index stops
  • Available with AC constant speed, SCR DC variable speed and DC servo drives
  • Maximum of 11 RPM on standard HS/TS



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