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Robot Swing Boom

Acieta, LLC

Robotic Swing Boom Positioners are used for mounting a robot in an inverted position, usually for welding applications. The positioners are ideal for applications where a fixed overhead robot mounting structure would interfere with the ability to load/unload parts into the fixturing. The Robotic Swing Boom Positioner is also ideally suited for multi-stationed systems.


  • Increased robot work envelope
  • Ability to move the robot away from fixturing to ease loading/unloading of large parts
  • 270 degrees of rotation allows the swing boom
  • positioner to be used in multi-stationed systems

  • Maximum speed of 6 degrees per second
  • Standard overall height of 174 3/4"
  • Standard swing radius of 80 1/2"
  • Height and swing radius can be customized



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