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Standard Lean Machine Systems

Acieta, LLC

  • Pre-engineered to reduce costs and improve deliveries
    • Increase profit per hour by a factor of 3 or higher
    • Increase productivity of existing machine tools by thirty percent or more
    • Decrease the percent of labor cost in a work-piece down to less than 10%
    • Manage small batch sizes and large runs
    • Allows unmanned “lights out” manufacturing
  • The flexible robotic machine tool tending platform can be re-deployed for an array of programs over its 20 year life
  • Ideal for retrofitting to existing machine tools
  • If leasing, the amortized capital cost/hour is $3 - $15/hr during the lease period
  • $0 after the lease period


  • Four drawer inbound/outbound part stocker (20” x 20” usable envelope. 6” spacing between drawers, and 150 lb. capacity for each drawer)
  • The FANUC Robotics M-10i six axis robot with through the wrist cable routing, R-301A controller and Handling Tool programming software is standard. Other sizes of FANUC robots are available.
  • Fabricated robot rider, platform (84” x 48” x 5”)
  • Safety guarding, and interlocked access gate
  • Robot I/O for communication to machine tool
  • Back to back two jaw or three jaw gripper module is standard.
  • Capable of servicing one or two machine tools such as lathes, VMC’s. Grinders, small HMC’s and others
  • Supports an optional 2nd drawer system for additional unmanned production


  • Quick release tray option for short runs
  • Heavy duty part stocking system with four drawers as standard. Drawers are accessed by pulling the drawer toward you when outside the cell, and the robot accesses a drawer by pulling it into the robot’s operating zone.
  • Latches and drawer position sensors are included with the system.


  • Post process guaging/error proofing inspection
  • Part flip between Op A and B machining
  • Deburring
  • Designed for short run jobs
  • Changeover in less than 5 minutes



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