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F-200iB Parallel Link Robot

FANUC America Corporation

The superior rigidity and payload of the F-200iB makes it well suited for a wide range of applications including flexible fixturing, nut running, spot welding, nut/stud welding, part loading and dispensing, It is also ideal to meet the rigors of material removal applications including heavy-duty deflashing, drilling and hole cutting. The F-200iB is capable of significantly higher feed rates versus a serial link robot, with up to 200 mm/second for deflashing aluminum castings and up to 35 mm/second for hole cutting of 3 mm thick cold rolled sheet steel. The F-200iB also has increased accuracy due to less robot deflection versus a serial link robot, provides increased tool life due to less vibration and tool chatter, and can include semi- or fully-automatic tool change.

Model: F-200iB


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