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TMO, TrackMotion - Overhead

Güdel, Inc.

GÜDEL TrackMotion modular linear axes with rack and pinion drive are used for an array of diverse applications such as: welding, plasma-arc cutting, mechanical processing, pouring, packing etc. The TrackMotion carriage plates, gearboxes and cable loops are designed to accommodate the configurations of any robot type and type of application performed. GÜDEL offers a variety of axes and motor configurations to provide the maximum amount of flexibility to meet any production requirement. The TrackMotion axes are manufactured in modular segments and can be easily extended up to 100 meters in length. The TrackMotion comes in a wide variety of mounting configurations such as ceiling overhead, TrackMotion (TMO-C), a wall mounted (TMO-W), a floor mounted (TMF) and, an elevated mounted (TMO-E) unit. This provides the maximum amount of flexibility for your application and design for any type of production floor space. TrackMotion linear axes are well-proven in applications such as: logistics, aerospace and automotive industries. With a flexible system such as ours, we can offer a custom solution for your particular robot and application. The TrackMotion can be designed as a complete unit with motor and cables. Drive axes can be employed without robots.

Model: TMO Series



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