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eLINE Compact Modules

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

The eLINE Compact Modules (eCKK and eCKR) offer energy savings and high-performance at the light end of the spectrum through intelligent substitution of the light-weight aluminum eLINE Ball Rail System as its internal guide mechanism. The eLINE Modules are available as the eCKK ball screw driven version and the eCKR belt driven version, in profile sizes of 90 and 110mm. Identical dimensionally to Rexroth’s popular standard Compact Modules, the lighter weight of the eLINE modules offers substantial energy savings in multiple-axis configurations, because it takes less energy to move lighter weight components. Additional savings come from the energy-on-demand nature of Rexroth’s electromechanical systems: The eLINE modules require energy only during execution of the move profile, saving additional costs compared to systems consisting entirely of air-powered actuators. An available stepper motor with integrated positioning control makes the eLINE Modules easy to program and start up, while Rexroth camoLINE connectivity facilitates precise alignment and easy connection of additional axes and the user’s load. 3D Models for each version and size are configurable in Rexroth’s online 3D CAD Generator. eLINE Compact Modules are pre-lubricated at the factory and can operate for up to 10,000km without relubrication. With 5-day lead times and extremely competitive pricing, the new eLINE modules from Rexroth are an ideal sustainable solution for small handling, medical and packaging applications with loads of up to 60kg.

Model: eCKK and eCKR



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