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RTU Track

Genesis Systems Group, LLC


  • Tracks increase robot reach for larger parts
  • Available with heavy or light duty capacities
  • Available as two-position or servo driven/infinite position track
  • Modular versions can be linked together to reach desired lengths
  • Used to transport robots or positioners
  • RTU Specifications

  • Maximum weight capacity: 2,000-kilograms
  • Maximum linear speed: .8-meters per second
  • Standard length: 2.0-meters or 4.0-meters
  • Maximum length: 50-meters
  • Carriage length: 1.01-meters
  • Total travel length: Total track length less 1.01-meters
  • Method of movement: Servo rack and pinion
  • Carriage servo motor size required: 8Nm, tapered shaft, 4000 rpm, brake
  • Minimum robot mounting height: .30-meters
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