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Two-Axis Drop Center Positioner (DC-0.5)

Genesis Systems Group, LLC

Two-Axis Drop Center Positioner The Drop Center positioner adds an additional axis to a head and tailstock positioner to weld parts that require complex manipulation during the weld cycle. The two-axis make it possible to manipulate a part to achieve "in position" welds.

DC-0.5 (RV110) Specifications

  • Maximum weight capacity: 750-kilograms
  • Maximum part/tool swing diameter: 1.0 meters
  • Maximum part/tool height: 0.7 meters
  • Distance from centerline to face plate: .35-meters
  • Servo motor size required: 8Nm, tapered shaft, 4000 rpm, brake
  • Allowable tool out of balance torque: 250Nm
  • 180-degree index time: 1.8-seconds
  • Weld ground: brush
  • Overall swing diameter; 1.5-meters
  • Requires Genesis Headstock/Tailstock Positioner or equimalent: HT-4 (RV320E)
  • Model: DC-0.5 (RV110)


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