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Anticorrosion Wax Sprayhead

IPR Robotics, LLC

Anticorrosion automotive body cavity wax treatment
Lifetime Warranty for car body rust through has been made possible with the development of anticorrosion wax treatment of welding seams inside car body cavities. Robotic wax spraying results in significant wax savings (up to 80% less wax then in manual spraying) and better quality, faster cycle times. In order to reach in tight spaces inside car body cavities, there are about (8) robots with over (20) specialized nozzles.

IPR has developed a Wax Spray System consisting of a family of Spray Heads, with one, two, or four nozzles. This method reduces the number of robots needed and provides the specialized robotic spraying equipment developed specifically for the demanding requirements of robotic anticorrosion wax spraying.
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