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Multi-Axis Force-Torque Sensors

IPR Robotics, LLC

The IPR Robotics JR3-series multi-axis load cell, also commonly known as a 6 degree-of-freedom force-torque sensor, is a cylindrically shaped monolithic aluminum device (optionally stainless steel or titanium) containing analog and digital electronics systems. Foil strain gages bonded to multiple internal load-bearing elements sense the loads imposed on the sensor. The strain gage signals are amplified and combined to produce analog representations of the forces along three orthogonal axes (x,y and z) as well as the moments or torques about those axes. In most models, the analog data is converted to digital form by electronic systems contained within the sensor. Some models optionally provide analog output instead of digital.

JR3-series sensors are produced in a wide variety of load ratings and bolt patterns. The physical size of the sensor varies depending on factors such as force and torque ratings and required mounting dimensions.

Model: JR3 series


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