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Model 2915 Vertical Semi-Automatic Gear Burnisher

ITW Heartland/Spiroid

Best Use
For burnishing external spur or helical gears from 50mm to 250mm, possibly larger depending upon the individual gear. Machine can be robotically loaded or hand-loaded and equipped with light curtain for ease of access and safety. Removes or reduces nicks, burrs, and heat-treat scale while improving surface finish. Used instead of honing and finish grinding when process calls for only nick, burr, and heat-treat scale removal. More universal application to accommodate large sun gears, external ring gears, speed gears and differential case gears.

Very universal machine at a lower cost than a fully automatic burnisher, that can attain the same results as an automatic machine. Long tool life (500,000 to 750,000 cycles). Quick part-to-part changeover, less than 5 minutes.

Model: 2915


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