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Model 3523 Semi-Automatic Gear Inspection Machine

ITW Heartland/Spiroid

Best Use
Semi-Automatic inspection machine can be used for audit inspection or inline inspection for measuring composite, runout, nicks, size, tooth action, lead and taper. Very versatile design which can be adapted to many needs. Capable of measuring shift gears (speed gears), planetary pinions, sun gears, external ring gears, internal ring gears, and shaft gears either spur or helical.

Measures part automatically after being hand loaded. Once loaded, piece part is automatically meshed with rolling master gear. Computerized gear acquisition data is automatically analyzed and results are displayed on monitor. Parts can be sorted by size categories: good, reject, and repair. Parts must be clean of oil and dirt upon entering the machine. Cycle time is dependent upon the type of piece part.

Less costly than a fully automatic machine yet very accurate and repeatable. Not dependent on operator judgment in measurement of gear. Durable for shop environment. Computerized screens for measurement data and graph displays. Customized operator screens, SPC software to include Xbar and R Charts and Histograms, Auto Calibration. Fully guarded and equipped with light curtain for ease of access and safety. Complete with computer, monitor, printer, and measurement device software.

Model: 3523


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