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The DataVS2 ID and PRO vision sensors perfectly match the ease-of-use and the cost-effectiveness of DataVS2 with the powerful decoding libraries coming from the Datalogic tradition thus representing the perfect entry-level solutions for all the identification needs. DataVS2 PRO also features a wide range of inspection algorithms thus allowing to read codes and perform quality verification at the same time.

Features & Benefits

  • The graphical user interface allows to create a new inspection in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • The DataVS2 compact dimensions (70 x 52 x 40 mm) allow to install the device even in extremely narrow spaces.
  • The VGA resolution guarantees high quality images thus allowing to read even codes with small dimensions.
  • High mechanical mounting flexibility thanks to adjustable focusing and four different focal length availability.
  • The combination of Auto-ID and inspection functionalities makes DataVS2 PRO the one-for-all solution for every quality control.

    Model: DataVS2 PRO


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