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High Flex Power Over Camera Link - Low Profile R/A

Intercon 1 - A Division of Nortech Systems, Inc.

This new Camera Link assembly is capable of transmitting power directly to the camera from a PC framegrabber while transmitting exceptional Camera Link signals, eliminating the need for a separate power supply at the camera. The POCL marked overmold ensures that POCL will not be confused with a standard Camera Link assembly in the field. A low profile right angle plug increases versatility in tight space applications by absorbing the strain of an immediate bend behind the camera interface. The reduced height allows this cable to perform in even the tightest of applications. Features • POCL marked Overmolding for easy identification • Durable High Flex Cable • Low Profile Right Angle Pug • 360 degree shielding • RoHS Compliant Cable Specifications • Overall Diameter: .385 Inches • Max Temperature: 80 Degrees C • Jacket Color: Black • UL/CSA Rated: 20276 AWM I/II • Min. Bend Radius: 3.85 Inches • Flame Rating: FT-1 Primary Components • Cable: 11 Individually Shielded Twisted Pairs • Connector A: 26 Pos RA MDR • Connector B: 26 Pos MDR

Model: POCLP-xx-PL*



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