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High Flex Power Over Camera Link - Standard R/A

Intercon 1 - A Division of Nortech Systems, Inc.

This new Camera Link assembly is capable of transmitting power directly to the camera from a PC framegrabber while transmitting exceptional Camera Link signals, eliminating the need for a separate power supply at the camera. The unique POCL marked overmold ensures that POCL will not be confused with a standard Camera Link assembly in the field. Right angle Plug increases versatility in tight space applications by absorbing the strain of an immediate bend behind the camera interface. Features • POCL marked Overmolding for easy identification • Durable High Flex Cable • Right Angle Pug • 360 degree shielding • RoHS Compliant

Cable Specifications • Overall Diameter: .385 Inches • Max Temperature: 80 Degrees C • Jacket Color: Black • UL/CSA Rated: 20276 AWM I/II • Min. Bend Radius: 3.85 Inches • Flame Rating: FT-1

Primary Components • Cable: 11 Individually Shielded Twisted Pairs • Connector A: 26 Pos RA MDR • Connector B: 26 Pos MDR

Model: POCLP*-xx-P


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