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Infini Flex™ Camera Link® Cable Assemblies Featuring GORE™ Camera Link® High Flex Flat Cable

Intercon 1 - A Division of Nortech Systems, Inc.

Designed specifically for cable carrier systems these High Flex cable assemblies provide the ultimate in dependability, electrical and mechanical performance through millions of flexes.

Available as standard products or in custom configurations.

Product Features

High-Flex cable designed to surpass 5 million flexes 50 milimeter bend radius Electrical reliability through constant mechanical stess Over-molded interface Low particulation Unique Quad construction Used in clean room applications

Product Specifications

Connectors: 3M MDR 26 Position Cable: Quad Construction

Jacket: Material: Compound of ePTFE UL Style 21090 Flame Retardant Color: White

Model: IF-CLCP-xx-P


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