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Kawasaki Friction Spot Joining (FSJ)

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

Kawasaki Robotics Friction Spot Joining (FSJ) A Revolutionary Light Alloy Joining Process

The Kawasaki Robotics FSJ process, based on an innovative yet simple concept, is ideal for joining light alloys without the negative attributes of conventional resistance spot welding. A metallurgical bond is formed using a dual servo driven cylindrical tool which is rotated and then plunged into the material. Friction Spot Joining is an entirely new joining process developed and exclusively offered by Kawasaki Robotics.

* High Quality, High Strength Bond * Compact System Controlled Soley by the Robot Controller * Consumes 1/20 the Electrical Power as compared to RSW * Easy to Install, Program and Operate * Long Tool Life (tested at over 500,000 cycles) * Clean, Quiet, Low-Maintenance Operation * Two Models - Pedestal & Robot Mounted

Model: FSJ / ZX165


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