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Kawasaki K-Series Explosion Proof Painting Robots

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.


The K-Series line of painting robots combines high operational performance with powerful programming flexibility. With seven explosion-proof models available, Kawasaki has a robot that will suit any robotic painting application, from a one robot paint cell to complete multi-robot integrated finishing systems.

Kawasaki offers seven unique explosion-proof painting robot models, from the KF121 for small applications to the KG264 for automotive inner and outer body finishing. All models are suited for hazardous environments such as spray painting and boast industry leading reliability.

The K-Series Robots can be provided as part of a Kawasaki Robotics custom or pre-engineered finishing system. Pre-engineered designs are ideal for standalone finishing cells and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Kawasaki currently offers six unique explosion-proof cells providing a compact yet sophisticated solution to your finishing needs. These designs are standard, therefore proven in the field. Choosing a K-Series finishing system means less time spent in design and manufacturing resulting in the shortest time to production. For full details and specifications, please visit our website at

Over 30 years of successful robotic painting experience has enabled Kawasaki to design robots to meet the needs of today's most demanding customers. The K-Series Robots are now equipped with more advanced application functions than ever offered before, resulting in increased productivity. Our highly skilled paint systems professionals have both process and technology experience and are available to support your paint automation project, from the initial planning stage right up to equipment start-up.

Hollow wrist versions of the K-Series robot arms can be fitted with internal hoses to minimize overspray that adheres to the piping, reducing the risk of contaminants in the paint finish. The inner diameter of the hollow wrist is either 40 mm or 70 mm.

K-Series Robots can be programmed in two ways, via the robot teach pendant or a computer, and using one of the two Kawasaki's programming methodologies, Block Step or AS Language. The Block Step programming method eliminates time consuming program teaching with auto-path generating software. The AS Language provides the programmer ultimate flexibility via a Basic like syntax through any word processor text file. Users can create advanced logic, manipulate program locations, integrate peripheral components and control the painting process. AS Language programs can create powerful "decision making" robots.

Kawasaki Robotics also offers a control panel to enhance the ease of system building and interfacing with peripheral equipment such as robot traveling unit, workpiece transfer unit, rotation unit, and other devices. The control panel is an intuitive graphical interface that allows users to centrally operate and control all components of the robotic finishing system. It provides real time status information and access to production management information such as line monitoring data, data setting and modification of the coating requirements and coating unit control panel, as well as statistical data on production, errors, paint consumption, etc.

K-Series Robots

Model: KF121 thru KG264


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