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Kawasaki M-Series Robots - maximum payload high wrist torque robots

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.


The M-Series maximum payload robots incorporate a compact profile design with long reach and high wrist torque. With an impressive payload capacity of up to 700 kg, the innovative robot line design gives it the power to lift and manipulate heavy loads with great ease and high accuracy.

The powerful M-Series Robots are ideal for lifting payloads that exceed the limits of most industrial robots. These robots can be used in a variety of industries and applications, including handling engines, manipulating car bodies, transferring assemblies, moving large tools, lifting heavy construction equipment, manipulating appliances, fixtureless manufacturing, investment casting and forging.

Conventional high-payload robots require a large counter-balance weight which can cause interference in the work zone as well as limit the overall working range of the robot. Kawasaki's innovative Advanced Link Structure design (patent pending) for JT3 up and down arm movement eliminates the need for this counter-balance thereby reducing interference and increasing work envelope. This also allows the robot to be used in a confined work zone while still maintaining the ability to fully articulate throughout the robot work envelope.

Using advanced engineering techniques in motor technology, the robot is capable of industry-leading wrist torques of 5,488 Nm. In order for the MXE Robots to achieve one of the highest available wrist torques in the industry, Kawasaki high power servo motors are used on all six axes instead of only on major axes, as is the norm. This high wrist torque provides the ability to significantly offset heavy payloads from the tool mounting flange.

The M-Series Robots are capable of manipulating extremely heavy loads smoothly and safely using Kawasaki's vibration suppression control and collision detection software. Additional mechanical stops and limit switches can be incorporated to further enhance working environment safety, even when the robot is operating in a confined work zone.

The MXE floor mounted robots are available in three different reach configurations (from 2,540 to 3,018 mm) and four payload capacities (from 350 to 700 kg) to suit most any high payload application. All four units use a common platform with a modular arm extension allowing the robots to be retrofitted in the field to either increase reach or payload. A maximum payload palletizing robot is also available based on the M-Series Robot platform - refer to Kawasaki's Palletizing Robots literature for more information on the 5-axis MDE model available in 400 kg and 500 kg payload capacity.

M-Series Robots can be programmed in two ways, via the robot teach pendant or a computer, and using one of the two Kawasaki's programming methodologies, Block Step or AS Language. The Block Step programming method eliminates time consuming program teaching with auto-path generating software. The powerful AS Language provides ultimate flexibility via any word processor text file and enables the programmer to create advanced logic, manipulate program locations, integrate peripheral components and control the application process.

M-Series Robots

Model: MXE350L thru MXE700N


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