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Kawasaki Z-Series Robots - flexible heavy-duty robots up to 300 kg

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.


The high payload long reach Z-Series robots were developed using Kawasaki's advanced technology and extensive experience in automation. The versatile and upgradeable designs suit numerous industrial applications and are directly responsible for improved production line efficiencies in automotive and general industry.

The Z-Series heavy-duty robots are the workhorses of the Kawasaki Robotics product line. The robust low-maintenance Z Robots offer payload capacities from 100 to 300 kg and are available in floor mount (ZX), shelf mount (ZT) and compact (ZH) models to best suit the application. All Z Robots can be used with a Kawasaki 7th axis traversing unit, allowing for a flexible and expandable work range.

The Z- Series Robots boast industry leading MTBF and 10,000 hour maintenance intervals, which translate to low operating costs and the highest production efficiencies.

The Z Robots can achieve superior operating speeds when combined with the ultra high processing speed capabilities of Kawasaki's latest E Controller. Faster speeds of up to 20% as compared to previous models translate to shorter cycle times, resulting in maximum production.

The Kawasaki Z Robot combines a long reach arm with a minimal amount of dead space for the widest work envelope in its class. In addition, the patented Kawasaki Hybrid Link configuration enables the arm to rotate back over itself without having to rotate the base joint, thereby improving efficiency and minimizing power consumption.

The small footprint of these high payload long reach robots allows for installations in confined areas. The Z-Series Robots are available with integrated pneumatic piping, wiring, and fork lift pockets, limiting the amount of work space required and minimizing potential interference.

Kawasaki's Arm ID board enables the robot arm to be interchanged with any E Controller. The ID board stores all of the necessary servo encoder data. In the event of a production emergency, the controller can quickly and easily be replaced to allow for any service and maintenance procedures to be performed. This feature greatly limits potential system downtime.

Z-Series Robots can be programmed in two ways, via the robot teach pendant or a computer, and using one of the two Kawasaki's programming methodologies, Block Step or AS Language. The Block Step programming method eliminates time consuming program teaching with auto-path generating software. The powerful AS Language provides ultimate flexibility via any word processor text file and enables the programmer to create advanced logic, manipulate program locations, integrate peripheral components and control the application process.

The Z-Series robot line is manufactured using modular components and a common software platform. This flexible design allows some models to be modified to alter reach, payload capacities and speed. Both hardware and software alterations can easily be performed in the field. The ability to change the robot characteristics provide for greater flexibility to accommodate production and system changes.

Z-Series Robots

Model: ZXE100U thru ZXE300S (10 models)


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