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ÖLFLEX® AUTO-I & FD AUTO-X: Heavy Duty Flexible Control Cable

Lapp USA

ÖLFLEX® AUTO-I is a UV-resistant, multi-conductor cable designed for use on machine tool equipment and other industrial machinery conforming to NFPA 79 2012 wiring norms. ÖLFLEX® AUTO-I is color-coded with either blue, red, yellow, orange, or black conductors for DC, AC, and other control wiring.

    Application Advantage
  • Industrial grade PVC jacket (Oil Res I)
  • Conforms to NFPA 79 2012 standards for wiring machinery
  • UL TC-ER, MTW & CSA CIC/TC approval
  • Number coded for easy wiring with either blue, red, orange, black, or yellow conductors
  • Improved shielding effectiveness

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ÖLFLEX® FD AUTO-X is a flexible oil- and UV-resistant multi-conductor control cable designed for continuous flexing industrial applications. It has worldwide approvals, including UL Type TC-ER, CSA AWM, and CE.

    Application Advantage
  • Meets Oil Res I/II
  • Resistant to harsh environments for long service life
  • Meets NFPA 79 2012 machine wiring standard
  • Available in number-coded blue or red conductors
  • Round jacket for optimal seal with a SKINTOP® strain relief cable gland

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