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OLFLEX® - CRF: Chemical/Oil Resistant Flexible Control Cable

Lapp USA

OLFLEX® CRF is a multi-conductor, chemical and oil resistant flexible control cable. The cable utilizes a specially formulated insulating and jacketing compound designed for harsh chemical applications where exposure to MEK, Acetone, Toluene, Xylene, turpentine, paint thinner and other industrial solvents and cleaners would cause rapid deterioration of standard PVC cables. Recommended applications include painting, printing, coating, film processing, wastewater treatment plants, chemical processing treatment plants, industrial food and beverage facilities - anywhere frequent cleaning is required. OLFLEX® CRF complies with NEC Hazardous Area standards for Flexible Cable use in Class 1, Division 1 locations. OLFLEX® CRF C has an overall foil tape and tinned copper spiral shield that is recommended whenever electrical interference distorts signal transmission, or when EMI emissions need to be suppressed.

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Model: OLFLEX® - CRF


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