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ÖLFLEX® VFD SLIM: Reduced-Diameter VFD Cable; 600V/1000V; UL & cUL TC Approval

Lapp USA

ÖLFLEX® VFD SLIM is a reduced-diameter shielded motor cable for VFD drives. It is designed with the “Lapp Surge Guard” insulation system, which includes a semiconductive layer made to withstand nonlinear power distortions associated with VFD drives and to disperse increases in voltage caused by wave reflection, spikes, in-rush current, and harmonics.

Recommended Applications
VFD drive and motor applications; web presses; HVAC; conveyors; any on/off, slow down/speed up applications using VFD drives and motors

    Application Advantage
  • “Lapp Surge Guard” insulation protection
  • Specially formulated industrial grade PVC jacket passes Oil Res I/II
  • UL TC-ER & c(UL) CIC/TC approved
  • Double shielded for extra protection
  • Conforms to NFPA 79 2012

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