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Safety Light Curtains

Leuze Electronic, Inc.

COMPACTplus safety light curtains and multiple light beam safety devices are Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices (AOPDs) of type 4 as defined by EN/IEC 61496-1 and (pr)EN/IEC 61496-2.

The aim of the COMPACTplus range is to live up to any future expectations in terms of top functionality, flexible integration and ease of operation. As an extension of the tried and tested COMPACT line, COMPACTplus incorporates as a bonus a number of additional fully integrated functions, such as a startup/restart interlock, electronic device monitoring. Interface options that are available make it possible to connect the system at will either to conventional safety components or to safety bus systems.

COMPACTplus functional packages designated by the suffixes –b (blanking), -m (muting) and –i (machine cycle control

Interface options include; semiconductor output, relay output, AS-i Safety and Profisafe.

Model: COMPACTplus


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