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Statiflex® 400-MS Base Unit with High Efficiency Filter

Lincoln Electric, Automation Division

Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extractors

The Statiflex® 400-MS models are stationary, wall-mounted low vacuum/high volume systems designed for light to medium duty extraction and filtration of welding fume(1). A self-cleaning filter is standard on the Statiflex® 400-MS. Statiflex® units are ideal for facilities with fixed location work stations and little available floor space including general fabrication, job shops, welding schools, and maintenance departments.

Generous airflow - 735 CFM with LFA 3.1 or 4.1 extraction arms and SF 2400 fan(²). Internal spark arrestor - Also functions as a pre-filter for larger-sized particulate. Choice of filter types - Cellulose or high efficiency cellulose/polyester. One-year warranty (30 day warranty on filter)

RotaPulse® automatic cleaning system - simplifies filter maintenance. Large filter capacity - 325 ft² (30 m²)

Model: K1742-2


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