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8 mm Diameter Family of DC mini-drives


With an outer diameter of only 8 mm, this family of mini-drives provides maxi power. It is an impressive solution with a wide variety of combination possibilities using DC-Micromotors with precision gearheads and encoders and leads screws.

• Motors: Brushed DC Micromotors 0816 and Stepper Motors AM0820 • Gearheads: 08/1 Planetary, 08/2 Spur, 08/3 Zero Backlash • Encoders: PA2-50 Optical encoder & HEM3-256-W Magnetic encoder • Lead Screws: AM0820 stepper has 3 sizes of leads screws 1.2, 1.6, 2 mm diameter

The brushed-DC-micromotor series 0816 ... S, available in 3, 6, and 8 Volt versions, have an exceptional power-to-volume ratio. The patented ironless rotor (System FAULHABER), with its low inductivity and extremely low inertia, is truly remarkable. Its impressive specifications include no-load speed up to 16,500 rpm, stall torque of 0.41 mNm and output power of 0.18 Watt.

The miniature-stepper-motor series AM0820 comes available in 2, 3, and 5 Volt versions with the 2 Volt version especially well suited for pulse-width-modulation (PWM) current regulation. Holding torque with both phases on provides 1 mNm. Using PWM allows for speeds up to 15,000 rpm.

Precision Gearheads 08/1, 08/2, and 08/3

Three all-metal precision gearheads are available. The 08/1 series planetary gearhead allows maximum drive torque of 60 mNm in continuous operation and 120 mNm in intermittent operations. The two new 08/2 and 08/3 series spur gearheads convince with their compact design and quiet operation. The 08/3 zero backlash spur gearhead excels in positioning control applications where mechanical play cannot be tolerated.

The dynamic miniature drives of the 8 mm series are an excellent choice for applications in which the main requirements are compact size, reliability, and cost-effective operation.

Model: Series 0816 ... S


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