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FAULHABER Incremental Encoders Series IE3


The incremental encoders Series IE3 from FAULHABER are now available in higher resolution. Constructed using revolutionary single chip magnetic encoder technology, the encoders are now available with resolutions of 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 pulses per channel per rotation. Other resolutions are available on request. The standard index channel provides the necessary signal output for even the most challenging positioning applications. The encoders are available with an optional line driver which includes differential signal outputs.

These compact and robust encoders are available for modular combination with FAULHABER CR and CXR series graphite commutated motors or as an integrated component in the FAULHABER BX4 high power brushless motors with 4-Pole technology. Speed and position control are provided using FAULHABER’s versatile SC2804 speed controllers or MCDC / BL 3006 motion controllers.

Model: IE3 1024 / 1024L


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