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Linear DC Servomotor, Series LM 0830


MICROMO extends its offering of linear DC servomotors with the addition of the LM 0830—a compact, high performance linear DC servomotor based on the innovative QUICKSHAFT® technology from FAULHABER. The LM 0830 ... 01 series linear DC servomotor, measuring just 8x12x30 mm and a weighing only 17 grams, provides a peak force of up to 2.74 N. The forcer rod, with a diameter of 4 mm, is available in different lengths ranging from 15 to 40 mm. The new linear DC servomotor includes three analogue hall sensors for position and speed control feedback, eliminating the need for an additional encoder in most applications. The three output signals are 120° phase shifted, and are used by an external motion controller for commutation, speed and position control. The FAULHABER MCLM series motion controllers are available with both RS232 and CAN interfaces. The easy to use “Motion Manager” software makes parameter adjustment and motion control simple and fast. This micro sized powerhouse is suitable for application in all fields where high precision linear movement in the most compact dimensions is necessary. The motors are highly efficient and maintenance free. Based on their simple, frictionless design, the motors provide extremely long operational lifetimes.

Model: LM 0830



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