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Powerful, Lightweight Brushless DC Motor


Ø3mm Brushless DC Motor

MICROMO announces the expansion of FAULHABER Brushless DC Motor line with the series 0308…B. This Brushless DC Motor has a coreless rotor, Neodymium rare-earth magnets and cog-free motion. The bearing system of the Series 0308…B Brushless DC Motor is composed of jewel bearings. With an external motor-diameter of only 3 mm and a length of 8 mm and a weight of 0.31 g the motor is truly a microdrive. Due to their electronic commutation, the service life of these motors is only limited by the bearings. The brushless DC motor can achieve a continuous output torque up to 0.023 mNm at 15,000 rpm.

The Series 0308…B Brushless DC Motor can be combined with a gearbox and a linear actuator for a complete miniature DC drive system. The plastic planetary gearhead is available in a 3.4 mm diameter with various reduction ratios allowing a continuous output torque up to 2.80 N and up to 4.2 N in intermittent operation. The linear actuator consists of a M1.6 X 0.2 high precision lead screw and is ideal for positioning applications.

The Series 0308…B Brushless DC Motor can be driven by the FAULHABER BLD 05002 S Synchronous Drive Servo Amplifier. The BLD 05002 S has a sine form output voltage that operates with PWM at 500 kHZ PWM switching frequency and with a power supply ranging from 2.7 to 5.5 V DC.

Series 0308…B Brushless DC motors with a 3 volt winding is immediately available from stock with a 24 - 48 hour turnaround.

Model: Series 0308…B


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