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ArcWorld V-Series

Yaskawa Motoman

The Motoman ArcWorld® V-1000 series family of integrated robotic solutions is tailored to meet the high-volume, high-performance arc welding needs of high-end fabricators or Tier-One automotive production. Overhead-mounting the robots improves access to the work piece(s) and reduces floorspace requirements by up to 44 percent over similar cells with floor-mounted robots. ArcWorld V-1000 series workcells utilize a high-speed turntable positioner and two, three or four robots for HyperProductivity®. ArcWorld V-1000 series models include one or two SSA2000 “Expert Arc” welding robots. In the ArcWorld V-1200, the two overhead-mounted SSA2000 robots are controlled by a single NX100 controller to provide programming simplicity. The ArcWorld V-6000 series are fully integrated, pre-engineered robotic arc welding solutions with a high-speed positioner and one to four robots that are either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. Featuring a single load/unload point for the operator, this space-saving design utilizes up to 44% less floorspace than similar cells with floor-mounted robots. It also improves access for programming and facilitates automated part unloading. AWV-6000 series models feature the high-speed SSA2000 arc welding robot; NX100 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software; integrated welding package; MRM2-1200M3X part positioner with three servo motor drives; operator station; and total safety environment.

Model: AWV-1000, AWV-1200, AWV-6000, AWV-6200, AWV-6300



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