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FS100 Controller

Yaskawa Motoman

The high-performance FS100 controller is designed for open software connectivity and supports PCI Express. The FS100 controller supports C, C#, INFORM III and other high level programming environments.

The FS100 design leverages hardware standards and open software to allow easy extensibility of the controls. It is now possible for users or system integrators to easily integrate off-the-shelf hardware or write value-added functions to the robot controller.

Designed for packaging, assembly and material handling applications, the FS100 controller is compatible with MotomanĀ® robots with payloads up to 20 kg.

Compatible robot models: HP20F, MH3F, MH5F, MH6F, MHJF, MPK2F, MPP3, SDA5F, SDA10F, SDA20F, SIA5F, SIA10F, SIA20F

Model: FS100


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