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MH6 Material Handling Robots

Yaskawa Motoman

Compact, powerful and economical, the new six-axis MH6 robots require minimal installation space and offer superior performance in small part handling applications such as assembly, machine tending and packaging, as well as dispensing and other tasks. These robots yield extraordinary production results while requiring minimal capital investment.

The MH6 model features a 1,422 mm (56") reach and offers the widest work envelope in its class. If a smaller work envelope is required, the MH6S shorter-arm model provides an 997 mm (39.3”) reach. For similar applications, requiring heavier payloads, the MH6-10 offers a 10 kg capacity. It features a 2,486 mm (97.9") vertical reach.

These robots feature a 6 kg (13.2 lb) payload, but adjust their performance based on the load they are handling. The MH6 robots have brakes on all axes and can be floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted for layout flexibility.

The MH6, MH6S, MH6-10 robot models are compatible with the DX100 controller.

The MH6F and MH6F-10 models are compatible with the FS100 controller.

Model: MH6, MH6S, MH6-10, MH6F, MH6F-10


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