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Headstock/Tailstock Positioner (HT-4)

Genesis Systems Group, LLC

Headstock/Tailstock Positioner Headstock and tailstock positioners are ideal for parts that require repositioning during the weld cycle. Part rotation is servo driven, allowing robot and workpiece coordinated motion. Headstock and tailstock positioners can be configured to handle a wide range of part sizes from 1,000-kilograms to 10,000 plus kilograms.

HT-4 (RV320E)

  • Maximum weight capacity: 1,800 kilograms
  • Maximum tool length: 3.0 meters
  • Maximum swing diameter: 1.50 meters
  • Centerline height: .75-meters to 1.25-meters
  • Servo motor size (motor not included) 12Nm, tapered shaft, 3000 rpm, brake
  • Allowable tool out of balance torque: 425Nm
  • 180-degree index time: 2.5-seconds
  • Tailstock bearing: single pillow block (dual available)
  • Weld ground: rotary ground
  • Model: HT-4 (RV320E)


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