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Robot Slider

MultiCam, Inc.

Robot Sliders are ideal for high-speed, high-velocity, medium-duty pick-and-place applications and painting. At 14" tall along the track, the sleek, low-profile system is easy to step across. The robot track features a precision-ground helical rack. Its 35-mm linear guide rails support multiple trolleys up to 2 meters long and 10,000 pounds of equipment.

The frame itself is a stress-relieved, precision-machined weldment with standard features including a hypoid beveled gear gearbox, automatic lubrication, over travel limits, hard stops and leveling feet that are easily anchored to the floor. Optional tread plate covers protect precision components from splatter during welding operations. Available with e-chain or conduit rail (“bus bar”) connectivity, the robot track can be extended by 1 meter increments. The MultiCam Robot Track presents the industry with a new look of functionality and affordability.



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