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AREX Laser Marker


AREX is the ultra compact Fiber Laser that is setting a new reference standard in the permanent marking arena.

With the smallest marking head footprint, AREX drastically simplifies design for system integrators, and makes mechanical installations extremely easy in all the applications: from stand alone marking stations to fully automated working center in production lines.

Thanks to the state-of- the-art fiber technology, AREX allows high speed marking on metal and plastic material increasing systems productivity.

Features & Benefits •10W, 20W and 30W Fiber Laser •Compact Scanning Head •Embedded Control Unit •Advanced Lighter 6.0 ease of use software Platform •Flexible programming and control •STAND-ALONE and MASTER-SLAVE mode •Static and Dynamic Conditions •High Power Efficiency •Embedded Power Supply Applications •Part Traceability •Laser Labelling •Black Laser Annealing •Deep engraving marking

Model: AREX


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