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AutoSorter II

Yaskawa Motoman

AutoSorter II is a high-throughput, robust instrument for tube sorting, rack loading, archiving and other specimen processing operations performed at >1,000 tubes per hour. Flexibility is a key feature of all AutoSorter designs, including AutoSorter II.

Many different tube sizes, cap configurations and “personality rack” styles may be processed concurrently, eliminating the constraint that the lab must conform to the limitations of the automation. AutoSorter II includes drawers for loading input specimens as well as customer-specified racks for output sorting targets. The drawers are easily reconfigured to adapt to changes from shift to shift and long term (changes in instrument platforms).

In high-volume environments, AutoSorter II may be equipped with conveyors to provide greater queue capacity for longer walkaway times. AutoSorter II may also be connected to conveyorized specimen processing and TLA systems.



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