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Series GRA Precision Micro Parallel Grippers

PHD, Inc.

The Series GRA micro-gripper provides excellent moment capacities, high grip forces, and an ultra precision jaw guidance system in a very compact package. Factory set jaw guide system minimizes free-play and reduces deflection for exceptional performance. The Series GRA Grippers are designed to provide a high level of performance for a wide range of small part handling requirements.

  • Compact flexible design provides large moment capacities and long tooling lengths.
  • Factory set jaw guide system minimizes jaw "free-play", reduces jaw deflection when gripping or moving loads, and is ideal for centering parts of various sizes.
  • Double acting for use in both internal and external gripping applications.
  • Internal speed control is standard, no external speed control required.
  • Supplied "switch-ready" for easy integration of optional magnetic position sensing switches.



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