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COAX Vacuum Pumps


PCC is designed to fine-tune pump performance and lower energy consumption by automatically maintaining a pre-set level of vacuum in your system. The risk of dropping parts is virtually eliminated with the use of the P6010 and integrated PCC.

The PCC will reduce air consumption and the components in your vacuum system will wear much more slowly. For example, the suction cups can operate for longer periods of time with fewer expensive work stoppages. Your machine’s uptime is increased while at the same time the cost for spare parts is reduced.

PCC gives you peace of mind that the vacuum level provided at the suction point is the same every time. Performance is not affected by changes in the surrounding atmospheric pressure. In traditional vacuum systems, vacuum pressure often fluctuates due to changing product characteristics or changes in cycle times. These fluctuations are eliminated by using PCC

Model: P6010PCC


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