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piINLINE™ Vacuum Generators


piINLINE™ is Piab’s new range of energy-efficient, easy-to-use inline vacuum ejectors based on COAX® technology.

piINLINE comes in three sizes: Midi, Mini and Micro. Each size is available with a choice of three special options to enable optimized performance and capacity for the specific application including working at a low feed pressure, providing high amounts of vacuum flow or acheving deep vacuum levels.

The smallest model, the Micro, uses on average 50 % less energy than comparable products, which means significantly less energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Sound levels are also lower, which creates a better working environment.

The product range is designed so that end-users in factories can easily replace single-stage inline ejectors. Under normal use, the medium model in the piINLINE™ range, the Mini, will pay for itself after just three months, thanks to its low energy costs, while the payback time for other models should be less than six months.



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