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Case Packing

PaR Systems, Inc.

PaR Systems designs and builds robotic packaging systems for products that are distributed in case, cartons and trays. Food and beverage applications are common. Robotic systems provide considerable flexibility for product size, pack and packaging changes. The servo motion control capabilities allow the robot system to be easily modified for product change-over and packaging changes. Automation solutions in the food and beverage industry provided by PaR Systems are typically configured with the forming equipment that automatically feeds cases/cartons/trays to the robotic packing station. Full container transport systems are used for handling completed trays to the final packaging and warehousing operations. PaR Systems robotic solutions provide complete flexibility for product handling and multiple packaging configurations. Products can be presented in known or random orientation to the robot for handling. Our equipment is capable of handling the following packages: Case: RSC, HSC, Bliss, Wrap-around Cartons: Top load - Tri-Seal/Single-Seal Trays: Open top - over-wrapped



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