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EPSON C3-V Compact 6-Axis Robots

EPSON Robots

EPSON C3-V robots were created to reduce costs and increase throughput for aseptic manufacturing and assembly. C3-V robots are used in barrier isolator systems for aseptic manufacturing processes predominantly in medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries where a variety of transportation tasks are followed by aggressive VHP cleaning and sterilization. Many of the processes currently used in isolator systems are entirely manual, requiring the use of glove ports where human operators risk repetitive motion injuries and exposure to harmful toxic drugs through glove port leaks during processes such as syringe filling operations. C3-V robots are designed to protect both human operators as well as products from contamination while opening up realms of opportunities in reducing manufacturing costs and increasing productivity by allowing many of these processes to become fully automated. The unique, SlimLine body and compact wrist design of C3-V robots enable them to be easily installed in sealed environments such as inside an isolator. IP67-grade water/dust proofing allows C3-V robots to be cleaned and sterilized with aggressive chemical solutions or high temperature VHP and steam. Not only is the C3-V robot able to be thoroughly sterilized in such environments, but the robot can also be used as a handling device for presenting fixtures and components for cleaning to the VHP misting areas from many angles ensuring there are no neglected areas in the sterilization process. The effective utilization of the workspace allows for greater savings on cleaning consumables while eliminating potential contamination issues for consistency of quality in the aseptic space.

Model: EPSON C3-V Compact 6-Axis Robots



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