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2/3 CCD, Interlace, Mono, Compact Camera

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Compact Size and lightweight (about 90cm3 in volume and about 120g in weight) achieved by using the hybrid IC and high density mounting technologies. Variable speed electronic shutter of eight steps from 1/100 (1/120 for P type) to 1/10000 seconds provided.

Field-on-demand and function provides a instantaneous picture at desired external trigger timing. 2/3-inch CCD with total 410,000-pixels (470,000 pixels for P type) provided to enable high accuracy image processing.


    • 2/3" Microlens IT CCD Camera
    • 570 TV Lines of Resolution, 56 db S/N
    • Sensitivity of 0.3 Lux at f1.4
    • Field -on-Demand or Restart / Reset Function
    • Frame or Field Integration Mode
    • Multi-Step Electronic Shutter Function
    • Selectable Gamma, and AGC
    • Compact, Lightweight, Rugged Design
    • Internal/external sync

    Model: KP-M1AN


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