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Color Progressive SXGA GigE Vision Camera

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

The CB-140GE is a Bayer mosaic color progressive scan camera with 1.4 million pixels resolution and GigE Vision interface.

The camera outputs 31 full frames/second in continuous (free-run) mode and up to 30 frames/second in external trigger modes. Higher frame rates can be achieved by using the Partial Scan or Vertical binning modes.

The unique sequencer function makes it possible to change exposure time, gain and ROI on the fly.

The programmable GPIO allows flexible configuration of inputs/outputs as well as the timer/counter function.

The CB-140GE is available with a factory-installed Right Angle Adapter. The adapter enables the camera to “look” at a 90º angle and is designed for a range of inspection tasks where physical access on production lines is limited.


  • C3 Compact series
  • 1/2” Bayer mosaic color progressive scan camera
  • 1392 (h) x 1040 (v) pixels
  • 4.65µm square pixels
  • 31 frames/second with full resolution
  • Partial scan
  • Unique sequencer function
  • Programmable GPIO
  • GigE Vision interface

Model: CB-140GE


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