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Progressive Scan, 5M Pixels, Mini CL, 16 fps Camera

Phase 1 Technology Corp.

Hitachi's KP-F500SCL/PCL is a 2/3 inch size black and white CCD Camera designed for Versatile functions. Progressive scan with full pixel independent readout and full frame shutter provide images of unparalleled quality at 16 frames per second non-interlaced output. Effective picture elements number 5.05 million, while the broad array of functions includes digital output, multi-step electronic shutter, and frame on demand etc. The square lattice pixel format also provides excellent suitability for image processing applications.


  • Compact Ultra High Resolution Camera
  • 5.05 MegaPixels
  • 2/3” Format Progressive Scan CCD
  • 2456 x 2058 Effective Pixels
  • 2000 TV lines of Resolution
  • 16 Frames / Second
  • Dual CameraLink Output -

    12, 10, or 8 bits per pixel

  • Dual Mini SCL Connectors
  • Frame-on-Demand Mode
  • Partial Scan Mode
  • Remote Control

Model: KP-F500SCL


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