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PLUGTRAB PT Surge Protection

Phoenix Contact USA


Protecting the power into the control cabinet is critical to maintain high productivity level. It directly controls the revenue-generating process of your company.

The PLUGTRAB PT provides over-voltage protection from electrical surges caused by lightening, switching operations, utility actions and de-energized include loads. It provides protection to power supplies, PLCs, PCs, controllers and other electrical equipment. They are available in single phase 24, 60, 120 and 230 volts.

Features include:

  • Replicable protection plugs
  • 26 amp load current capabilities
  • Visual indication of plug status
  • Dry contact for remote indication of plug status
  • 10 kA (8/20 Ms) maximum surge current
  • DIN rail ground connection
  • 24, 60, 120 and 230 V AC plugs available
  • Remote indicator contact
  • Model: PLUGTRAB PT


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