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RP Series Robots / Palletizing robots for high payloads and short cycle times

Reis Robotics USA, Inc.

These robots were especially designed for the applications such as palletizing, depalletizing, and order picking.

The primary feature of these palletizing robots is the large reach and the 5-axes kinematics which have great mobility and universal, flexible use.

The MultiPack software module is a tool for maximizing the cube utilization of pallets and containers, and other load carriers.

Model Payloadkg Supplementary load kg Reachmm Repeatabilitymm Axes RP40 40 20 2800 ± 0.5 5 RP80 80 20 2600 ± 0.5 5 RP150 150 20 3200 ± 0.5 5



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