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Motoman SP100 Robot


The high speed Motoman SP100 is a four-axis palletizing robot capable of handling high payloads. Palletizing robots are ideal for applications that require repetitive, continuous movement of heavy loads. An expanded work area and increased speed allow the SP100 to service multiple infeed conveyors or pallet stations. The Motoman SP100 features the MRC or XRC robot controller. PC-based offline programming is possible with ROTSY-PAL software such as VisualPallet and VisualMixPallet. Standard shock sensors give the ability to instantly stop power in case of interference with the robot arm. A low-temperature version, the Motoman SP100XF, is able to work at subzero temperatures without the need for a heated jacket. Often used in freezer environments, the built-in heaters maintain critical components within the temperature ranges of the operation. Internally routed air and I/O lines increase reliability and reduce maintenance. It is available with the ARC 2001F controller. This controller has a zinc-plated insulated cover to enable installation in low temperature environments. The pendant is also protected by an insulated cover. Learn more about the Motoman SP Series.

Model: SP100



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